Cooler Weather and Disability Worries

I’m sorry I haven’t checked in regularly. I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather and trying to relax and enjoy fall. Because honestly my mind has been focused on the details of my disability claim. I found out I’m fully disabled in my state. Yay! Then have heard no details about what that means. Boo!

I know I’m getting some amount of money, maybe enough to buy a house which I’m really excited about. A place for my books and I can finally have my Instagram library. Hopefully the meeting I have this coming Monday will give me the details of the money I’m getting and let me know when I’m getting Medicaid, because my medical costs are a big issue for my family and if they were covered that would be a great burden off my parents.

Along with it getting cooler, I don’t think I really went in to detail of how my birthday went. I had a very good birthday on September 28th. I got the disability claim around then. A few of the things I got were a cape, for my D&D campaign which is going to start back up in November.

Several books, and most shockingly a PS5, I couldn’t believe it myself, but PlayStation kept sending me emails about purchasing one, and I had some money. So I manage to scrap through the line and get the digital addition. Right now I’ve got Scarlet Nexus, which I’m super bad at, so I’m going to have to look up tutorials to get through the tutorial, but it’s a cooler game than I was expecting and visually lovely because it’s a PS5 game. I also have Horizon Zero Dawn, which I’m playing in order to get ready for the sequel coming out in February. And DragonAge 3 because I love DragonAge.

I will say to check the PlayStation Store Tuesday or Wednesday around 5 if you’re looking to get one. That’s the only other time I seemed to have any luck.

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