Sorry for the absence

Sorry I haven’t been around much I don’t really have any excuse other than an injury in the family I’m helping to take care of, so I’m not reading as much. I’m still doing my readathons but now I’m just focusing on reading and not the prompts which I will try to get back to on Monday. I just needed a break from prompts and a focus on something different so I’ve been reading the “This Mortal Coil” series.

I don’t know I wanted something focused on a viral pandemic, I don’t why COVID has me reading about the end of the world but reading about the fake end of the world is calming me down about our potential impending doom. So that’s always good. Not sure what phase of COVID coping this means I’m in. But I still have to stay inside a lot so I don’t end of the world fiction is helpful in some way mentally. So expect a review for “This Mortal Coil” soon as I’m speeding through the series. So sorry I haven’t been super active, and it was one of my goals too. I think I’ve got a little bit of the COVID depression.

But I will do better coming up, it’s my birthday coming up and its into my second favorite month, the spookiest of month. The high of spoopy season. I can’t wait for the readathons coming out next month. I’ve already been reading some spooky stuff that I just that I just need to review and I can’t wait for all the spooky release and stuff that is highlighted over the next month.

I know for sure I’m taking part in part in Spookathon but I’m actively on the lookout for good Halloween or spooky based especially if they focus or can be tweaked towards middle grade challenges.

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