BookoplAthon-A Game for More Reading

The other readathon I’m taking a part in is BookoplAthon it by #BeccasBookopoly. It essentially consists of playing a game of Monopoly but with book prompts titles and ideas. BookoplAthon is the much longer month-long version. However, the creator of the readathon also does this for herself every month. And there aremuch shorter 48-hour versions. Here is the introduction for the readathon.

Some people are making TBR’s but we all know how that goes around here don’t we? I’m a mood reader and I’ve just finally admitted it. As much as I love looking at the beautifully crafted TBRs where everyone knows exactly what they are going to read for which prompt. I’m just not that much of planner. Luckily this book has a way to play for mood readers too. You just roll two six sided dice then follow around the board deciding on books as you go.

The game also has cards like Chance and Community Chest, where you put your TBR titles and various prompts like read a fantasy? So if you land on either of those spaces on the board you have to pull a card and do what the card says.

Becca who is running the BookoplAthon suggests that you mix up prompts you love with prompts you might not be so interested in to keep the readathon interesting. I think I’m going to focus my prompts on clearing out my Scribd TBR as it has gotten preciptiously long. I’m going to try and avoid audio books as they tend to slow me down. Genre wise I want to focus more on fantasy as I’ve read a lot of contemporary this year, maybe along with some horror. Reading level will be mostly middle grade but I may throw in a YA book or two to shake things up.

I’m making my prompt cards tomorrow so that should be fun. I’m really excited for both my readathons in September. If you have any ideas for prompts please put them in the comments.

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