Midyear Reading Freakout Tag

I’m taking this tag from the wonderful Reader Voracious. Midyear is a good time to look at where our reading goals are going into the second half of the year, make adjustments. This Midyear post shows where I’m at currently and will give me a good idea of where I’m heading into July.

All these stats are current as of yesterday. I’m not surprised that most of my books were borrow I’m a huge library user. I’m really surprised I’ve read so many new books but again I thank the library for that I wouldn’t have access to any new books without their great digital sources.

As for the reading categories, I was surprised last year when I didn’t have more fantasy but I think that because of a gap in middle-grade fantasy that is slowly being filled. Never the less I love all the contemporary I’ve been reading and it will probably remain my largest category.

Midyear Chart for Books by Source
Midyear Chart for Books by type of Release from January to June
Midyear Chart for Books by Genre through January to June

The other slices are Historical Fiction, Memoir, Sci-Fi, Horror and Mystery, and Horror and represent about one book. Stats are all thanks to Reader Voracious’s wonderful spreadsheets.

1. The best book you’ve read so far this year?

Sweet & Bitter Magic by [Adrienne Tooley]

This question isn’t fair. But if I’d have to pick I’ll have to say. Sweet and Bitter Magic. It had a great emotional arc, there was LBGTQ content and the mystery kept me on my toes. Plus witches. It’s not fair. The book was made to draw me in. I’d read it again, and again.

2. The best sequel you’ve read this year?

By far the best sequel I’ve read is the final book of the Unwanted Quests by Lisa McMann, Dragon Fury.

Dragon Fury (The Unwanteds Quests Book 7) by [Lisa McMann]

3. New releases you haven’t read yet but want to.

All You Knead Is Love by [Tanya Guerrero]
Bridge of Souls (City of Ghosts #3) by [Victoria Schwab]

I’ve been lucky to have access to a lot of new releases through my library system, these are a few of the ones that the library either hasn’t caught or that I’m still waiting in line for. Hazel Bly and the Deep Blue Sea just sounds like the perfect summer book. All You Knead is Love, I will never turn down a book about food, and Bridge of Souls because I’ve wanted to read the end of Jacob and Cassidy’s adventure for a while.

4. Most anticipated releases for the second half of the year.

Ghost Girl by [Ally Malinenko]

The Many Meanings of Meilan by [Andrea Wang]
Steelstriker (Skyhunter Duology Book 2) by [Marie Lu]

These are just a few of the ones I’m looking out for in the second half of the year I’ve been looking forward to Ghost Girl since I saw it on Netgalley. The Many Meaning of Meilan sounds like a lot of books I’ve read and liked before. And Violets are Blue I just really like the description to the story. Finally Steelstriker which releases on my birthday so I know what I’m getting for a present.

5. Biggest disappointment.

I won’t even say Crystal Caets was a disappointment, I liked the book. I just think the publishing team was probably rushed to print, then the series was later canceled which is a shame because it’s a good concept.

6. Biggest Surprise.

A Thousand Questions by [Saadia Faruqi]

When I was stuck in bed with my ankle I really wanted to A Thousand Questions, but they only had it in audio, thinking I had nowhere else to go, I decided to listen to an audiobook for the first time. This book changed my view on audiobooks and has me listening more. Another one of my midyear goals is to listen to more audiobooks.

7. Favorite new to you, or debut, author.

I’m enjoying the The Firebird Song by Arnée Flores.

8. Newest fictional crush.

None, as I’m reading young adult.

9. Newest favorite character.

Tamsin and Wren from Sweet and Bitter Magic. Ellie from Starfish.

10. Book that made you cry?

Speaking of Starfish there were some definite sniffles about a book where a fat girl finds her agency. Also more books like this!

Starfish by [Lisa Fipps]

11. Book that made you happy?

I know I sound like a broken record when I say Sweet and Bitter Magic, it is true, however, but another book that made me smile was: A Chance to Fly. I read this as an Arc and loved it. Every time I see a good representation of disabilities in fiction I’m smiling.

The Chance to Fly by [Ali Stroker, Stacy Davidowitz]

12. Favorite book to film adaption?

I never read any Grishaverse, I know the shock. So I really can’t get into Shadow and Bone. An adaptation of one of my favorite series might be coming up eventually so I can’t wait for that.

13. Favorite post you have done this year?

Foreverland Book Tour-first book tour I’ve ever done.

Arc and Book Tour: Oh My!-Tips for Arcs and Book Tours

14. Most beautiful book you have bought this year?

That Thing about Bollywood by [Supriya Kelkar]

That Thing about Bollywood. It’s so sunny in person, and looks even better than online.

15. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I’m a mood reader so I don’t have a specific list but lots and a lot of books. I’d like to hit 100. I’m at about 40 now but I always have more time motivation around the end of the year to read. Midyear isn’t my highest reading time so I still think I can get it done. Breaking my ankle knocked out some reading time so I’ll honestly be happy with 80 if that’s all I get to. I’d like to get past what I got last year which was 81 so we’re shooting in the 82-90 with 100 as a stretch goal.

I tag anyone who wants to do this, how is everyone else looking at Midyear.


  1. YAY I’m glad you did this tag, it is so fun to assess reading and see everyone’s answers! Everyone (and you) have said so much good about Sweet & Bitter Magic, glad I’ll be reading it this summer

    • Seriously I’m Sweet and Bitter Magic trash at this point. I’m glad you’ll be reading it I think you’ll really like it. And this tag was a lot of fun, nice to look at my reading on a micro level.

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