DragonAge, Path or Pantheon, and Loki

This week has been pretty calm more camp prep since the camp is in July I’ll be doing a lot of that till then. Other than that I brought my PlayStation downstairs, the way I had to sit to play it when it was in my room I can’t really do with my ankle now. It’s making me want to replay DragonAge. I was a elf mage last time not sure what make I’d go with, but I still want to complete the game I have, aka find all the shards, kill all the Dragons, get to the DLC. Yes, I know who is evil and what happens in the DLC but still I’d like to play it through.

If you’ve played DragonAge respond with your race and class and what race and class you think I should try!

I’m already a good way into the Path or Pantheon challenge I just finished my first book for the challenge, I switched books from the one on my TBR but this one still fits the prompt. It was for a young female MC and I’m now using The Five Things About Ava Andrews. I’m also about 3/4 of the way through the book about food. Much Ado about Baseball, so I’m hoping to finish this challenge up nice and early this month.

Okay, I’ve been watching Loki and it has its issues but I think once we get into the meat of the show as we did in Episode 2 we’ll really have something. I love the buddy cop feel with Mobius and Variant Loki. Also not sure what Marvel is setting up for but the banter between Variant Loki and Lady Loki is going to be amazing I can already tell.

My week wasn’t super exciting but it was still a good one. I got a lot done and am moving forward towards my TBR for the year.

Also expect to see some more game and show-based posts from me soon. DragonAge essentially got me through last summer’s rough health scare with my sister. So I’d like to replay it just to see if there is anything I missed and because it was so relaxing summer. Also expect some Switch game posts or commentary and shows because Marvel insists on making TV that I want to comment about.


  1. wow I am in awe that both of us are back on dragon age bullshit at the same time haha. I’ve played every race and class combo through on DA:O… and only have one abandoned DA:I playthough. I think that will change soon though hehehe

    • Wow, that’s a lot of playthroughs. I played on the like super easy not get killed level so I think I’m going to up that and try more race/class combos.

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