Preparing for June: How did I do?

In preparing for June I like to go over my May Goals to see how I did for the month. I’ve got a little more energy now that I’m continuing to heal from my ankle. More than I did at the start of the end of April/the start of May when I set these goals Allowing myself to keep a slow pace on healing was the theme of April. I thought I had more energy in the beginning of May, but looking at it now I truly have more energy. I’m reading and writing and doing reviews at almost my pre-injury pace. So I’m happy about that.

1)Try and keep posting ahead of time

I’ve gotten MUCH better with this at this. I’ve been able to start preparing for the week ahead during the weekend and get most of what I’m going to post for the week done.

2) Finishing up my books from previous months

I’ve worked on lots of books but I got distracted by new content. This will have to be another goal for June.

3) Celebrate AAPI authors this month!

I started Joan He’s book and DNF it, I’ve come to find that I just don’t like her style however I’m going to focus back on these authors. I’ve got plenty of books line to read from AAPI authors and plan to make it a focus through the summer.

4) Get back to 10 books a month.

I only read 4 four this month, and I’m still happy with that, reading slump.

5) Look for Readathons for this month/next month

Probably going to find a pride readathon. But honestly I’m not the hugest fan of pride month, I appreciate the sentiment I’m just not a showy person naturally. So I’m more like t-shirts and door mats rather than going all out. But all the support to people who appreciate pride on a more involved level.

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