Weekend Adventures: Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival

What weekend adventures was I up to? I was supposed to go to some Zooms for the organization I’m on the board for however because of the time change I missed them all. This week though I got to go out for the first time since Covid started so that was pretty cool. However, the thing I had the most fun doing and the thing that relates back to the site is the fact that I went to the Greater Rochester Teen, they had a variety of authors and great topics since it was only one day and you could only go to one topic each hour I’m going back and viewing some of the topics I missed I’m going to do posts about the panels on the blog throughout the week.

I just finished Season 4 of the Great Canadian Baking Show it was so sweet. My favorite for the winner won the show so I was happy about it. Now I’m enjoying the Kenyan Baking Show, for anyone who doesn’t know my love after books is baking. Though I can’t do any baking yet because of my foot. I’m going to try something simple this week. But I think I’ll have to sit partly while working on it.

This weekend I also realized I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, I just picked up Margaret Stohl’s Black Widow Forever Red, and it’s the first thing I’ve just read in awhile, it reminds that on top of all my responsibilities I need to just make time for reading because I love it, and I can get caught up in all the extra, which I also love, but I let stress me out sometimes.

So for this week I’m going to focus more on reading

Having fun

Reading more

Here is a link to The Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival Website

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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