An Adventure from the Autistic Readathon: The Place Inside the Storm

I started this adventure-based book for the Autistic Readathon. And I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about it. The challenge that this particular book met was to read independently published by an autistic author. Now I’ve been burned by now I had no qualms about autistic authors. It’s just I’ve had problems finding good content in independently published pieces. Luckily in this case I was wrong.


The Place Inside the Storm by [Bradley W. Wright]

It’s 2038. Tara Rivers is socially awkward and would much rather spend time online or with cat, Xel, a sophisticated robot with artificial intelligence. Her family has recently moved away from her grandmother and the wild less corporately controlled world of Oregon. Tara now lives with her family in LA, a land that has a corporation ruling it TenCat. And while this new corporately controlled world has great benefits for her family, great jobs for her parents, better schools for her and her sister.

But the move hasn’t been great for Tara, she’s not great at social rules and hasn’t found any friends since the move. But no worries now TenCat is making her family an offer they can’t refuse. Literally. They soon inform Tara’s parent’s she’s autistic, to make sure she fits into the corporate culture they want to put an implant in to cure her.

Luckily for Tara she overhears and her adventure begins, to save herself and Xel she decides to run away back to the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, she meets friends and allies. Her mission along with saving herself becomes helping a boy named Loki.

But to help him for good she must go back into enemy territory.

But will all this risk be worth the trouble, will she finally find a place where she belongs or will she be an outcast forever?


I really found all the autistic relatable, and I love the way the commune that the autistic people and their allies were set up it was also really just a great adventure story it was a very quick read and just a good independent read which really changed my mind on independent publishing

Photo by Leah Berman on Unsplash

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