How did I do? April Blog Goals?

  1. Try and enjoy reading and not be bound by a number for my April reading list.

I did much better with this, I read 8 books for the month. That’s much closer to the 10 I was shooting pre-breaking my foot than I’ve had since the accident. So we are getting closer to seeing how things will work with my recovery and reading and the blog.

I’m also getting so new ideas for the summer which is unusual because I usually have a little bit of reverse SADS. Like most people have seasonal affective disorder in the winter I usually have it in the spring and summer. So be excited for new content.

2. Don’t feel like you have to post every day in April

This one helped too. Especially with some advice from other bloggers about it. My health was also waxing and waning not feeling stressed to post every day made things much easier.

Like I said this was easier I think I’m going to focus on quality of post for awhile then even if that means less posts and what that means for things like interaction and SEO.

3)Use Readathons as a guide for your reading.

I think I did a good job with this I let the readathons help focus my reading and sticking to books within the goal subject. I will however admit to reading a few of the subjects because they were ADORABLE.

4) Try and get ahead on my ARCs early.

Let’s be honest with ourselves guys why was this even a goal lol. I appreciate the fact that I want to get my ARC done early I really do. I also appreciate the reality that I wrote a write-up of an ARC, the night I got a COVID shot, with a fever and the review still reads beautifully. I also finished another ARC review in a day, not how a blogger should ideally behave.

I need to listen to myself now and make a promise now I’ll do better before I get more ARCS lol.

How'd I do Post Pink Flower on blue pond.

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