More Information about my tiers

I’ve got three tiers I’m open to having more as patrons would like and at lower prices as if that’s easier for some of my followers. At the moment, my tiers are:

Bookish Helpers

Followers at this tier will get early access to my posts, a suggestion in an actual book jar I will have set up every month. Followers will also get access to polls to help me decide what to read. Finally, they will get a free two-card reading every week and a Patron newsletter.

Bookish Knight 

Followers at this tier will more one on one time with me. They will get access to polls about what I post about next, weekly tarot readings twice a month, and weekly oracle readings twice a month. Along with a Patron-only Q and A. As well as access to all the benefits from the lower tier.

Bookish Royalty 

These wonderful royal folx get access to all the benefits of the lower tiers as well as: a full tarot reading every week and a full oracle reading every week.  They also get recognition on posts on my blog. Finally a private Youtube/Livestream of my book reviews, so much goofiness will be on show. Also the only time you’ll see me on camera ever. EVER. 



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