Patreon and Weekly Update

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m going to some panels at Ya’llWest today and reading up for my book tours. I also want to let everyone know I’m starting a Patreon doing book-related content and tarot. In addition, I’m redesigning the website but I’m not as far along with that, one of the designers from the Patron is the same and the images are precious it just might be a bit longer before we get the whole web design worked out but believe me it will be adorable. Think of my new design as Lost in the Woods, and yes the Frozen pun was completely intentional.

This week has been pretty quiet, I’m starting to be able to walk unassisted, so I’ll only need a little more therapy, I lost my wallet so that was a bit of a pain. However my disability case is going well and I learn I’m going to be represented by the lawyer that the law firm is named after, so that, makes me feel better somehow. My hearing is coming up in the next month or so keep thinking about me.

Patreon Style Image

I’ve been putting games by the wayside but I set up my Switch again and am going to try to get some play time in. I restarted my game because I was bored honestly.

I’m still reading books for the Autism and Disability Readathons, I probably won’t finish them all by the end of April but I’ve still found a lot of great books.

Anyway, here is my Patron if anyone is interested; Plaid Reader Reviews and Tarot. No stress of course if you can’t make that happen but thank you lots if you happen to be able to put in any time or money. I will make another post to the Patreon detailing more about the benefits of each tier soon so keep an eye out for that. I will also do things like explanations of the card on my Patreon along with my book reviews.

Photo by Lili Kovac on Unsplash

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