Weekly Update

Sorry for the delay on the weekly update, today I was just tired and throw in some stretches for my ankle I was pretty exhausted most of the day. It’s been a pretty quiet week, I spent the beginning of the week doing the Easter Readathon. That was super successful as I finished three out of the 4 books and will work on the other after I finish books I have reviews due for.

Right now I’m working on two very special reviews one for a MAJOR publishing company I can’t believe asked me to work for them on this, and another for a great tour company I’m very excited to review a book for. And finally my ever-building NetGalley list lol. I’m also changing up the look of the website, check out my artist Ryl‘s work. They have already helped me with work for my Pateron the art is still a work in progress but if are interested in having some input into the site or getting your cards read. One comes with the other so why not enjoy the fun. Also at the highest tier you will get to see me in person talking about books in being goofy, which I promise you’ll see no where else.

Anyway hope your week went well and expect to see reviews and fun from me this week. Oh an a final note YallWest is coming up so don’t forget to sign up for panels.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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