Weekly Update

So the week went pretty well, currently I’m working on the Easter readathon which is going well I should have 4 books finished by the end of the weekend which is as many as I finished last month. I’m enjoying having all theses readathons they really direct my reading in a way I have a difficulty doing myself, plus I already have some readathons lined up for May and June. But perhaps most importantly I can FINALLY, go upstairs

My ankle is still weak and can’t be sprinting up and down with abandon, But I can get up and down which means I can sleep in my own bed for the first time since the middle of January. BEST THING EVER. Plus this means I can work from my big computer on the blog, I’ve been working on my small laptop screen and my eyes are ready for a big screen again.

I also got the first half of my COVID shot which knocked me out part of yesterday and today.

As for my personal life, I’m actually starting to get stuff done with my disability and medical billing that is pretty much my life at this point so that’s good.

Therapy for my foot is also going pretty well so I’m getting back a little bit of range of motion every time I work out, they say the total time for full recovery will be a year but I’m already feeling pretty good at this point,

I’m also learning Chinese with Duolingo and really enjoying that.

So in totally this past week was pretty good. I posted most days, I read a lot of them, and I studied language all of them. And I did the stupid life paperwork. I’d give myself an A for this past week which shocks me as much as anyone.

Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

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