March was an interesting month. I’m finally walking thank goodness, however no one explained to me the fact that my muscles would be super angry. However I sstarting thearpy today hopefully fix that. I didn’t post a lot this month, nor read a lot but hopefully I’ll be making that up in April.

1.Try and read 10 books

This one I feel short on again during March, just like I did in Feburuary I’m going to end up with four maybe 5 done books done . However I have to consider my injury. This simply means I really have to ramp it up in spring/summer.

2. Try and get ahead on blog posts.

I was just trying to do blog posts for the days I had. Not sure I had it here either hopefully I’ll be better about scheduling and maybe have a bit more energy to work on things now that I’m sorta off the couch.

3. Do another readathon.

I am currently doing the Trope-ical Readathon and will be doing the Disability Readathon next month. I’ve got readathons lined up for the next few months so I feel like I’ve got this covered.

4. Work on my Dungons and Dragons Book Lists

I really need to start this back up. I was busy this month working on Top 5 Lists for another project so this got posponed.

5.Work to Improve the Website.

Since I did this new site upgrade I really haven’t had time to get into all the little details that I want to work on I hope to improve that next month.

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4 thoughts on “March Wrapup

  1. Yay for getting some walking in! And don’t stress yourself about the amount you’re reading as it’s all relative; I am trying to be kinder to me about my hobby that is meant to bring me joy haha. Good luck in April!

    • Thanks, I think it still falls under hobbling at this point lol, but I’m up so I’m happy. Yeah I need to stop stressing about my fun hobby but I think I’m kind of Type A about blogging and reading. Thanks, you too!

      • Hobbling is legit better than nothing, so one step at a time! and uh, yea, as a fellow Type A I feel you… but do as I say lmao

      • It is truly better than being stuck on the couch I’m so glad I can at least move around, however feebly it may be. Yeah, I’m trying but I have 3 maybe for 4 readathons planned so um yeah:: innocent whistling::

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