Top 5 Book Covers

  1. Amina’s Song
The book cover shows a Pakistani teen girl wearing a yellow top with her dark hair flowing freely. She has tan skin and dark eyes and she's on a blue background with white mofits such as elaborate circles and floral designs on the top of the book cover in white it says Amina's Song.

This is one of my favorite book covers because it most reflects the spirit of the book. On the cover of Amina’s Voice, Amina’s is curled uptight. Amina won’t open up to anyone about her talent. However, on this cover this one she’s thrown her arms open to the world. She is a happier and more confident person than she was in book one. This really helps shape the whole plotline of the book.

Also, I don’t know if Khan made this choice intentionally but I think the lighter coloring also reflects’ Amina’s growth. But that could just be me reading into color choices.

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2. Soulswift

On the book cover a bird with with blue wings and a blue head and yellow chest is breaking out of being incased stone carving around it there is lots of scroll work and fancy three tipped imprints. In gold reads "within the stone lies a deadly secret" The title Soulswift is also written across the top in the same color of gold writing above the bird.

Perhaps my favorite cover out of all these because it proves a plot point I’d spoil by telling you. Other than the fact that it is super important plot-wise, the bird is spiritually very important to the characters in the book and I think a perfect choice for the cover.

Honestly the cover made me pick this book up at first and I wasn’t disappointed. I also love all the stone work on the cover it give a hint of the role that religion will play in the book. Overall this one was just pretty message wise and visually.

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3) On The Edge of Gone

A lone person stand on broken up cement and among empety broken down buildings as rockets lauch off into a red sky. On the cover the title "The Edge of Gone" is printed in translusent text.

This is another cover where it matched the content so clearly it had to be included. The whole book is about who deserves to get to go to another planet on space ships after an asteroid hits the Earth. It also deals with things like disability, racism, homophobia and transphobia.

The image of our protagonist being stuck on the ground with all the ships leaving is very powerful, and the cover gives you an empty feeling like the book does at first, things may turn around but this cover shows the stakes at first.

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4) Once Upon an Eid

This cover shows two tan buildings with open windows people lean out from most of either shouting, celebrating, making decorations or talking to one another. There is a large cresent moon between the two building that is white on a purple background that says the title in purple text "Once Upon an Eid".

I picked the book because the cover was simply beautiful and also it reflected the joy of the stories inside. On the cover, you could see the spirit of celebration that was present inside the book.

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5) A Home for Goddesses and Dogs

A blonde girl and a yellow dog meet foreheads on the bottom of a snowy hill The title "A Home for Goddesses and Dogs" takes up the rest of the hill. Two outlined figures and another dog stand at the top of the hill with another dog and a house. Evergreen trees surround the hill and in a purple sky the moon goes through its phases.

I picked this one because it made me think of family. It’s a sweet book about a girl and a dog learning to fit into a family. I think the cover reflects that. I just love the color scheme. My favorite detail is the moon going through its phases on the cover. It’s very important to the plot and it looks beautiful on the cover.

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