Weekly Update

Update for you guys! Sorry for the late hour guys. I got to walk independently on Wednesday and walking since has been one of the most tiring things I’ve ever done. No one told me my muscles would be very angry with me after my bones healed. So now I’m hobbling around. But at least I’m up, all the muscles that atrophied while I was stuck laying down are PISSSED. But I’m up.

Therefore I haven’t been posting weekly like I would like. I still working on book and blog stuff. I’m planning on getting new art for the blog and am sprucing up the blog for the spring. I got Photoshop with some of my stimulus money so Ican start working on my on grapjics for the blog

As for readathons I’m still working on the Trope-tropical Readathon and just completed a challenge, I only completed 3 but I feel like that’s pretty good considering everything I’ve been working with this month, The thing is I’m so frustated by being tired the blog posts may end up being three times a week for awhile just due to my fatigue. I’d love to update every day. But I may end up napping, so much napping.

I’m also doing the Disability Readation in which is Readthon for the month of April focused on #OwnVoices disability author and their books. I’m really excited about this as mental health and disability is one of my favorite focuses in reading.

I just started Falcon and the Winter Solider because I have feelings, and I need to discuss them I might blog about them maybe do a weekly thing as each episode comes out.

Anyway this week was an adventure. I plan to try to do plenty with the blog but we will see how my recovery goes.

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