Plaid Reader’s Weekly Review

Plaid Reader’s Weekly Review

How had your week been? Thinking over my week, it’s been pretty good. I had a lot of medical appointments, luckily only one was actually out of the house. That’s good beacause while I’m getting better at moving, it’s still not the easiest thing because I can’t put weight down.

Hopefully next time I see my surgeon on Tuesday I’ll be able to put a little weight on that would totally change my life.

This week has gone by pretty well. I upgraded my plan on the website as you hopefully noticed with my tax money, and found a coupoun that brought it down to a great low rate. I’m really loving all the new features, though I’m still trying to figure out SEO. I think that will take me a little while. I also got some chocolate and some oracale cards with my tax money as well.

I love the new web design themes availibe to me with this new tier though they are very pretty.

I also finished Wandavison, don’t talk to me about the ending tears abounded.

This week I’ve been taking place in Trope-ical Readathon reading The Sea in the Winter mostly, but I’m going to start listening to B*Witch as well.

Photo by Egor Lyfar on Unsplash

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