My Life in the Fish Tank Review

My Life in the Fish Tank 


Twelve year old Zinnia Manning doesn’t quite know what to do when her older brother Gabriel is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her parents want Zinnia, and her two siblings, sixteen year old Scarlett and her eight year old brother Aiden to keep it things about Gabriel’s condition private. Zinny thinks that sounds a whole lot like secret. So she doesn’t talk to her two best friends about it quickly driving a wedge between them.

The only good thing about school is science class where her cool teacher Ms. Molina has them doing experiments on crayfish. But Ms. Molina has a condition if Zinnia wants to spend time in the lab she has to go to Lunch Club, a group run by the school guidance couseler.

But Zinny doesn’t have anything in common with the lunch club kids, or does she? Even if she did she’s never betray her family’s secret.

When Zinny has the chance to attend a dream marine biology camp for the summer, she doesn’t know what to do. How can Zinny move forward when Gabriel—and, really, her whole family—still needs her help? Will she ever admit her familiy’s secret to her friends, make up with her old friend or get used to lunch club? And in the end how has the relationship between her and Gabriel changed.


I think this was a very good portyal of bipolar disorder from a middle gradde sibling perspective. The research the author did with medical professionals was good. Of course I always want to see more actual protaganists with a mental health issues, but I can see the need for this book. It was well written and I read it quickly totally four stars.

Photo by Richard Burlton on Unsplash

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