Sick Bloggers Recovery Guide

Now if you haven’t been reading my weekly post you might not know I’m laid up for another month with a broken ankle. I had surgery, internal fixators, nurses commeting on how bad my injury was. THE DOCTOR commenting on how bad my injury was the works.

1)A Large TBR Pile

And while I really hope none of you end up on the sofa for two and half months with a broken ankle. I do know we all have times when we aren’t feeling our best. So I thought I’d share what worked for me to keep from going a little tired and annoyed from sitting in one place.

I’ve been reading since I came off the painkillers and I think it’s help distract me from any lingering pain, plus perfectionist that I am, even with a broken ankle I’m still worried about my reading goal for the year so I’ve managed to keep up pace with my goal. You however shouldn’t worry about your reading goals and heal instead, I’m just stubborn.


If you don’t have Kindle Unlimted or Comixology, or Scribd consider the often off free trials. I payed $5 to try Kindle for two months, by then I should at least be off the couch and the same for the Comixology plan, I’m not sure about Scribd’s free trial as I recieved it as a gift for this year for Christmas but I’m sure they have something similar.

This way you’ll be able to explore new content and keep yourself interested in reading.

3) Consider less days a week

I’m not doing this but it might the right choice for you. The personal reason I’m keeping my blog daily is it makes me feel productive especially when I don’t feel productive doing anything else. But if you are having a rough recovery you may want to back off to post once or only a couple times a week.

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

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