Weekly Update

This week has been pretty calm, I got the staples out of incision, which was much much less painful than I though and now I can get my foot wet. So that’s nice, still I’ve been in some pain so I’ve been naping a lot and not giving as much time to the blog as I have in weeks before. You might see me taking a few shortcuts, but don’t worry eventually I’ll be back to full energy just not sure when that is.


I’ve been reading a good bit this week.

I’ve been working on the graphic novel I really like it because it reminds me of my non-profit which I haven’t been able to work with much in real life due to COVID.

Amazon: All Summer Long

I’m also listening Red White and Whole which I love so far but I love anything by Rajani LaRocca

Amazon: Red, White, and Whole

I’m also reading the cutest and most important ARC I can’t wait to share with you guy when I’m able to, seriously it’s going to be one of my favorites of the year I can already tell.

Also I’ve been watching WandaVison and for anyone who is following along Episode 6 SERIOUSLY I can’t wait till next Friday to see what happens, why couldn’t they drop the season like Netflix. I NEED ANSWERS.

I haven’t been gaming but I need to get back to it what are you guys playing? I want to play more Skyrim, because RPG, but I also want to finish the Pokemon expansions because cute, and I’m ordering Pokemon Snap with my tax return becasue its seriously the cutest looking thing. I didn’t play the original but I need the new one in my life.

What are you guys reading, playing, watching, or listening to? Share with me so we can chat!

Photo by Dan Lazar on Unsplash


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