The Flower of the Witch

The Flower of the Witch


Tami comes from a village that kicks boys out at at a certain age so they can go on adventures and become men. Only then can they return to the village. Tami has done a lot saving princesses and defeating monsters hasn’t been enough to call himself a man. But when he kills a demon in self defense on his quest for the fabled flower of the witch. He puts a village that rescues him in danger from the demon’s daughter Yarbra!

When the conflict between the village and Yarba comes Tami will have to choose between getting the fabled flower of the witch or helping the villagers he’s come to love? What will Tami choose and how will it reflect what kind of man he’s going to become.

For the first time in English Enrico Orlandi’s exciting tale of adventure reflects on compassion and the true meaning of maturity.


First off the world is set up beautifuly everything from the clothing design to the demons to the witches. Orlandi has definitely built his own world.

He was quoted as saying about the book and it’s theme of growing up. “To those who read this book, I would like to say that a girl can go on adventures, that a boy can cry if he needs to, that there is no right way to grow up. You just have to take the time to understand who you want to be.”

I think the quote sort of covers all the themes in the book, Tami makes mistakes but eventually chooses the kind of person he wants to be even when it’s almost too late. He gets help from an unlikely source and is willing to bear the consequences of his actions if this isn’t maturity what it?

Definitly 5/5.

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