A Thousand Questions

A Thousand Questions 

A Thousand Questions by [Saadia Faruqi]


There are lots of place Mimi would rather be spending her time than Karachi, Pakistan, with grandparents she’s never met and a world different from her own, and worse, not everywhere has air conditioning! Besides she’d seceretly rather be finding her father and plans to write to him in new journal.

The cooks daughter Sakina still hasn’t told her parents she’ll be accepted to school only if she can improve her English test score. Then again how could her family possibly afford to lose the money she earn working with her Abba (father) in Mimi’s grandparents kitchen.

The two at first seem like they have nothing in common. Sakina, thinks Mimi is a spoiled American, and Mimi thinks Sakina is too serious. But as the two get two get to know each other they slowly realize they have a lot in common and become friends, they also realize they need each other to get what they want most.


I really enjoyed this novel, it was one of the first I listened to on audiobook. The only thing I didn’t care for was the characther with the speech impedment in the novel was kinda made fun of. I really love Sakina and Mimi though I like that Farqui didn’t shy away from showing the different levels of wealth and poverty even though this was a middle grade novel. As you can tell I’m a Saadia Farqui fan and she just announced a new book so I’m happy so I can continue my reading kick.

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