Review-Unwanteds Quest:Dragons Ghosts

I won’t say anything specific, but books don’t make me cry / aggravate me much and wow did this book do a number in that department. But the description is has SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dragon Ghosts (The Unwanteds Quests Book 3) by [Lisa McMann]


Just when the team thinks they have it all figured out the Revinir strike’s at Artime’s heart, Alex’s leaving the the magical land without a leader while they are stuck in a strange place which is in the middle of it’s own civil war. Fifer and Simber struggle to lead their team in what now seems like a hopeless search for Fifer’s twin.

Back home Aaron must take the mantel that he’s had so much conflict around, head mage of Artime, he once dreamed of it, now he dreads it. And rightly so finding unexpected trouble relating to a past that just won’t leave him behind.

Meanwhile Thisbe thanks to a unique broth, is able to see images of Grimere’s dark history, but she must deal with her growing feelings of abandonment, while she considers leaving Rohan in a gamble that could take her home or to her death.

Finally things in Artimé are escalating at the worst time as Aaron find the Revinir’s control reaches into the very heart of Artimé.


There were several points when I almost threw my tablet, Alex’s death for one. It was great, well played not at all expected. He just died, we expected him to live and he didn’t great show for everyone about how powerful the Revinir’ is and the fragility of life.

Also as stated before I feel sorry for Aaron an man does he get walloped in this book too, he’s always had a weird relationship with being head mage, but to get it this way ouch.

Also I’d be shocked if I didn’t almost cry during the Simber paragraphs.

Also the issue of timing people are almost in contact with one another then they aren’t it’s great but it makes you want to throw your book, and it’s what makes McMann a masterful writer.

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