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How has the Pandemic affected your blogging?

I’m going to start by saying I know this is a very privileged question, with so many people in the hospital and or way behind on their rent, or out of a job, being able to worry about something like blogging is a luxury. But I wanted to talk about how the pandemic has affected my processes as a blogger and wondering if it has affected you all similarly.

First off, the pandemic has limited my acesss to books, not completly, I do have acesss to two libraries and a book subsciption service. However I feel like my content was more varied and diverse, and of course and got to grab new releases faster when I had a brick and mortar library on hand.

As a blogger with limited fiances this has hit me fiancially as I’ve had to buy some of the books that I otherwise would have just checked out. I know that’s not a problem for everyone but it’s been an issue for me.

I also feel like I’ve had to give up most of my work with Bookstagram, due to the lack of having a library with non-digital copies of books. I’ve tried shooting with my iPad, and maybe it’s just me that hasn’t caught the trick but I can get my iPad and props to look right together. The glare is its own issue, maybe I just need to spend more time working on photography?

On a high note though I feel like things have slowed down to the point where I’m able to post on the blog every day, and I’m able to read more, which is good because I want to hit my 100 book this year goal and keep posting every day.

So maybe I’ve lost some things from my blogging routine but I’ve also gained some things too.