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Weekly Update

Sorry guy for missing yesterday, I ended up doing content planning for the next couple of weeks and forgot to do a post for yesterday. It was a pretty good week, I’ve tried to avoid doom-scrolling and instead focus on my positive things.

For example some of my Christmas gifts came in. I managed to fall for a second time in some old shoes so my parents gifted me with some new ones.

Also my stimulus check arrived and after paying what I needed to pay I got something I’d been wanting to get for awhile.

They’ll be here tomorrow and my safety gear is matching, but it’s super exciting, I’ve been wanting to learn to skate for years. So I can’t wait to get out and use them. And finally I got one more gift which I’ve already used to make bread.

I really love the decals I got for the mixer they look so SPARKLY in shifting light.


I’m also ahead on my reading for my goal this year. I’ve already read 5 books and it’s two weeks into January, so as long as I keep at this pace I should be fine to hit 100 for the year.

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