Review: Island of Dragons

So we finish the original Unwanteds series with my favorite book. Yes, the last is my favorite. If it’s not clear in my writing of the summary I’ll explain in the review. As for the book reviews SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Island of Dragons


Twins Alex and Aaron Stowe have finally come to peace with each other. However their feud being over doesn’t mean the danger is. Artimé and Quill are about to face the ultimate test from a deadly enemy who has been building up against them and waiting in the wings.

Now Alex must lead Artimé in one final epic battle they can’t hope to win alone, even with Aaron’s help they are going to need everyone they’ve ever met in the seven islands to help win this battle

In this final epic battle personal loyalties are tested, suprising powers are revealed, and unexpected friends show up when they are needed most.

Still even with all this help will Artime finally have peace or will the world they worked so hard for be destroyed forever?


Okay, I admit I love this because a bunch of my favorite characters show up. Plus its kind of an Aaron book. I mean Aaron spends lots of time considering things during this book, very important things that relate to himself and Alex and his new and old selves.

But ultimatly at the end of the book when Alex has an issue, Aaron pushes him to make the best choice. That’s why I love this book, I love the battle, I love things that different friends from the Seven Island do. It’s intresting to see the actions of Alex and Aaron’s sisters.

But in the end the heart of this series was always Alex and Aaron and I was glad it ended the way it did.

Photo by Elena Theodoridou on Unsplash

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