2021 TBR

So what are you guys most excited to read in 2021? Since there are 12 months here are 12 things I’m reading for certain this year.

1) Stormbreak

Called a mix of Mad Max and Davy Jones Caledonia Styx is going to risk everything–her heart, her crew and her life to defeat Lir, the man who once betrayed her and is now in charge of the Bullet Seas. Not to mention he has Caledonia’s brother Donnally under his sway.

After killing Aric Athair, he will stop at nothing to beat Caledonia. Meanwhile Caledonia and her crew have fled to Cloudbreak to prepare for an all out war. But surprisingly they aren’t the only ones. Rouge ships and even a few defecting Bullets show up to join the fight.

The problem is Lir always seems to be one step ahead of of Caledonia anticipating her moves before she makes them as he secures more of the seas for himself.

With things growing desperate Caledonia is forced to make an unlikely and unsteady alliance with a new enemy. It could cost her everything but she with the fate of the seas in her hands she will do whatever it takes to win the war.

Why this is on the list:

I’ve been waiting this book, it was supposed to come out in November. But with the mess that was the pandemic and publishing it got pushed back. I really love the first two novels of the trilogy so I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Amazon: Stormbreak

Comes out February 9th

2) Bridge of Souls

Bridge of Souls (City of Ghosts #3) by [Victoria Schwab]

Where there are ghosts, Cassidy Blake follows . . .Unless it’s the other way around?

After surviving ghosts in two cities for her parents ghost hunting TV show. She and her ghost best friend Jacob might finally have this ghost hunting thing down.

But while Cass think she’s prepared she hasn’t met New Orleans whichs wears all its haunting directly on its sleeve. Cass is taken by its ghost tours, loud music and magic, and finds herself getting lost in the colorful ghostly legends.

But when she just getting comfortable, she finds herself facing a foe she never expected: a servant of Death itself.

Why it’s on the list

I loved the first two books and I can’t wait to see the conclusion.

Amazon: Bridge of Souls

Out March 2nd

3) Much Ado About Baseball

Twelve-year-old Trish is a whiz at both math and baseball. But due to her mom’s new job she’s set to spend a summer making all new friend in their new town. It isn’t easy and her mom can’t see her problems.

At least she has baseball though, right? At her first practice Trish realizes one of her teammates is Ben, the sixth grade math prodigy she beat in the spring Math Puzzler Championships.

Everyone thinks that because of their shared loved of math and baseball Trish and Ben should be fast friends. But Ben is the first to say he hasn’t gotten over the loss and can’t stand her. The team also hasn’t won a single game, their prospects are looking slim until they Trish and Ben meet Rob.

Rob is an older kid, and a fantastic baseball player who doesn’t even have to try, he tells them about his family’s store which sells unusual snacks that will make them better baseball players.

Trish isn’t sure that she believes it but is willing to do anything she can to help the team.

Soon after a mysterious booklet of math puzzles claiming to reveal the “ultimate answer” arrives in her mailbox. Trish and Ben slowly become friends and solve the puzzles together.

Meanwhile on the baseball team, Ben starts getting hits and their team becomes unstoppable. Trish is unsure of the wave of good luck but is happy to keep with it. Then they get to a puzzle they can’t solve with tragic consequences.

Can Trish and Ben find the ultimate answer or will they strike out when it counts the most?

Why its on the list?

I loved Midsummer’s Mayhem and after seeing what she can do with sweet I can’t wait to see what she can do with a savory novel!

Amazon: Much Ado About Baseball

Out June 15

4)Dragon Fury ( Unwanteds Quest #7)

Dragon Fury (The Unwanteds Quests Book 7) by [Lisa McMann]

The greatest army ever assembled in the seven island flies to the land of the dragons. But everyone is haunted by the same thought: Thisbe Stowe betrayed them all.

Meanwhile in the land of the dragon Thisbe struggles people’s trust everyone from Aaron’s to all the other people of Artime’s after one crucial mistake forces her to abandon an elaborate plan against the Revinir. Aaron though is devested by Thisbe’s actions and refuses to hear any explanation she has to offer.

But can Aaron get over his own sense of responsibity for Thisibe and the wrong she’s done. Mixed with his own deep regret and fear over his own dark history, which he’s never really gotten over and is constantly reminded of.

Complicating things even more are Thisbe’s conflicted feelings about the Revinir, Thisbe wonders if she’s gotten too close to the dragon-woman. And she still can’t put to rest her feelings about her good vs evil levels.

Despite these conflicts the people of Artime and their allies will risk everything they’ve fought for since first being declared Unwated, the people, creatures and even the statues, make a final desperate attempt against the Revinir and bring peace to their worlds.

But is she just too powerful?

And will the Artiméans ever find out what’s behind that last secret door?

Why it’s on the list?

Because I’ve read both Unwated and Unwanteds Quests and I need to see how it ends.

Amazon: Dragon Fury

Out February 2nd.

5) Greystone Secrets #3: The Messengers

Greystone Secrets #3: The Messengers by [Margaret Peterson Haddix]

In the dazzling conclusion to the world of the Greystone Secrets series two worlds collide As book three starts both the Greystone Kids and their friend Natalie have their mothers back from the evil alternate world, but they aren’t the naïve people they were when the series started, they don’t believe the danger is past and they know there are still people to rescue.

To make things even weirder mysterious coins begin falling from unexpected places, they have codes that match what the Greystone’s father was working on before he died and with the right touch they transform into message such as PLEASE LISTEN. And FIND US, SEE US, HELP US. . . .

The coins are messengers telling the Greystones that their allies and friends are under attack and that the alternate world is now taking over the better world too!

They must go, along with their doubles the Gustanos, on another spinning journey across worlds and figure out the answers to questions they’ve had since the beginning. Like what happened when the Gustanos were kidnapped, what created the alternate world? And most importantly how can a group of mismatched kids triumph once and for all over an evil force that seems to have total control.

Why its on the list?

I loved the first two novels and I can’t wait to see the conclusion.

Amazon: Greystone Secrets #3: The Messengers

Out April 6th

6) That Thing about Bollywood 

That Thing about Bollywood by [Supriya Kelkar]

The world of Bollywood takes over in this contemporary yet magic filled middle grade about an Indian American girl whose world turns upside down when she involuntarily starts bursting into glamorous song-and-dance routines during her everyday life.

You know how in Bollywood when people are in love they sing and dance from the mountaintops? Eleven year old Sonali wonders if they do the same when they are breaking up. Because the truth is Sonali’s parents don’t get along and it looks like they might be separating.

Sonali can’t believe her little brother Ronak who isn’t taking the news well is constantly crying. Sonali would never do that, it’s embarrassing to let out so many feelings and to show the world you are not okay.

But then something strange happens, Sonali starts to get upset on a field trip, she can’t bury her feelings like usual and instead she suddenly bursts into a Bolllywood song and dance routine about why she’s upset.

The next morning reality has shifted, much to her dismay Sonali’s life seems brighter almost too bright! Her parents have had Bollywood makeovers. Her friend are friends are also breaking into song and dance and everyone is acting like it’s totally normal.

Sonali knows something has gone wrong and that it’s most likely due to her mismanaged emotions, but what can she do to fix it?

Can she figure out how to how to turn things back before it’s too late?

Why it’s on the list?

It looks really really cute.

Amazon: That Thing about Bollywood

Out May 18

7)Blood Like Magic

A rich, dark urban fantasy debut following a teen witch who is given a horrifying task: sacrificing her first love to save her family’s magic. The problem is, she’s never been in love—she’ll have to find the perfect guy before she can kill him.

A dark urban fantasy debut. After years of waiting for her Calling-the test that allows a young witch to come into her powers. Voya Thomas thought about many things, she never thought about failing, When Voya’s ancestor gives her an once in a lifetime second chance to complete her Calling she jumps at the chance without thinking of the consequences.

Only to be aghast when her new challenge is to kill her first love, and failure means her whole family line loses their powers Also, one small problem, she’s never been in love. But Voya isn’t going to let that small fact stop her so she signs up for the new genetic dating service that just came out, then she’ll find her perfect match, fall in love and complete the task before the literal deadline.

Only how can she fall in love when she’s paired with annoying Luc a guy who seems to want nothing to do with her. With mounting family pressure, Voya is caught between her morality and her duty to her bloodline. If she wants to save her heritage and Luc she’s have to find something her ancestor wants more than blood, And in witchcraft blood is everything.

Why it’s on the list?

I follow the author on Twitter/Instagram and from what they’ve said about the book it really sounds interesting.

Amazon: Blood Like Magic

Out February 9th

8) The Sea in Winter

Another great outing by Indigenous author Christine Day!

Maisie Cannon has had a rough year ever since she hurt her leg. It’s taken away the thing she loves most, her ballet training and auditions.

While her blended family is loving and supportive Maisie knows they just don’t get how hopeless she feels. Her family’s midwinter round-trip along the coast near the Makah community where her mother grew up doesn’t hold the same excitement as previous years.

How can she explain to her family when her anxieties and dark moods start to hurt as much as her knee. How can she continue to be strong when inside she feels like a cold and roiling sea.

Why it’s on the list?

I want to read more Indigenous authors and want to start early this year.

Out January 5th.

Amazon: The Sea In Winter

5) Quintessence

The plot focuses on twelve year old Alma who recently moved to the town of Four Points, since being there she’s been having panic attacks that haven’t stopped. Even though she’s told her parents they have, feeling homesick and friendless, every day she feels less and less like herself.

But things change when she finds a telescope in the town’s junk shop and Alma watches a star that looks like a child fall from the sky an into her backyard. Knowing what it’s like to be lost and afraid, she knows it’s up to her to save the star. But she’ll have to enlist some new friends from the Astronomy Club.

As Alma finds a way home for the star she sets out on a quest that will take a some science, magic and her whole heart.

Why it’s on the list?

I really wanted to get to it this year but didn’t manage to!

Amazon: Quintessence

10) A Place at the Table 

These last three books are from 2020 but I didn’t get a chance to get to read.

There is a cute sub-genre of middle grade fiction that I like to call cute food fiction. Think of Summer of 1000 Pies, Midsummer Mayhem, books where food is the focus and the plot happens around it. I always find them to be especially cute, and I think this one will fall onto the list.

Sixth graders Sara and Elizabeth couldn’t be more different. Sara is Pakistani American and used to her small Islamic school, only this year she’s attending a newer bigger school. Elizabeth has her own problems, who is white and Jewish, has her own problems, like her mom struggling with depression.

The girls meet in an after school South Asian cooking class Elizabeth picked up the class because her mother stopped cooking. Sara is only there because she has to be, after all her mom is the teacher, but Sara hates to cook.

The two girls slowly become friends and come up with a plan to make an amazing cross cultural dish together, that will win them a spot on a local food show. The question is, they make good cooking partners, but can they be true friends?

Why it’s on the list?

It’s in my favorite cooking/baking middle grade sub-genre.

Amazon: A Place at the Table

11) Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch

I’ve been waiting for this book to come out since the beginning of the year. For one thing it looks cute as heck, and for two the young witch reminds me of myself.

Eva Evergreen is determined to earn the rank of novice witch before her thirteenth birthday. If she doesn’t she’ll lose her magic forever. For most witches and wizards it’s a simple enough test. It has three steps.

One: Help your town, do good all around.
Two: Live there for one moon, don’t leave too soon.
Three: Fly home by broomstick, the easiest of tricks.

Eva has a problem though, she’s not exactly as magical as she would like and when her magic does work, it’s not always in the way she plans. She summons heads of cabbage instead of flowers, and gets sunburn instead of calling down rain. The worst of it, when she uses too much magic she falls asleep.

When she lands in the tranquil coastal town of Auteri, she’s not what the residents are expecting. But she’s determined to prove herself. So she sets up a magical repair shop to aid the citizens of the town, she may only be semi-magical but her fixes help the townspeople in ways they could have never imagined.

The only problem is Eva’s bit of magic might not be enough when the biggest magical storm in history threatens the town she’s grown to love. She must use all her magic, bravery and cleverness, if she wants to have any chance at saving Auteri or becoming a witch.

Why it’s on the list?

The sequel is coming out later this year and looks amazing. So I want to be caught up so I can read the sequel.

Amazon: Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch

12) Cleo Porter and the Body Electric

Cleo Porter and the Body Electric is especially timely considering the COVID-19 pandemic. In the book, humanity was almost wiped out by a pandemic. The solution, everyone lives in sealed units with no windows or doors, their food is dropped off by drones. They never get visitors. But they are safe. Safe from everything.

The trade off? They’re alone. So when they get a package clearly meant for someone else, a package that contains a substance critical for the strangers survival.

Cleo has a dilemma on her hands. As a surgeon in training she knows the clock is ticking on this woman’s survival. But people don’t leave their unit. Not ever

Until now.

Why it on the list?

Not only is it relatable. but it sounded really cool. I’m just sorry I didn’t have time fore this during the year.

Amazon: Cleo Porter and the Body Electric

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