Goals for 2021

I have a lot of goals for 2021 but my first goal one related to my book goal for next year. I want to try to read one hundred books next year. It’s kind of ambitious That’s double of my goal this year but I hit my stretch goal of 75 this year so I think going in with intent at the beginning of the year I think I can read 100. Plus I had things come up in months where I only read one book. I think be able to better have a reading/life balance.

Second I want to improve the blog, I want to learn SEO and start trying to find more blog tours I qualify for. Plus I want to make my presence more know on Twitter. I’d also like to create more content for Instagram. I saw that I’d only made 64 this year so I’d like to try to do 3 posts a week next year.

Personally I’d like to learn to draw more, I recently bought Procreate, and I’d like to learn to program in the coming year. I haven’t drawn in years and I’m really happy to get back to it. I’m hoping I can also draw some things for the blog.

I’d like to work on my novels, they’ve been put on the back burner due to other things this year. But I’m going to try to make them my main focus along with the books and blogging.

Some other things I want to do in 2021 include:

1.Baking More

2.Crocheting More

3.Learning to Knit

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