Christmas Haul

I hope everyone who celebrates had a good time. I had a quiet day with my family. I didn’t get any hardback books. However I was gifted a year of Scribd, which is great because it’s like a gift of lots of books. I already have several books picked out but if you guys have any suggestions just comment and let me know.

My other big gift was a Kitchen Aid mixer, which I’m over the moon about, we already found cute decals to put on it, and I’m saving books on Scribd, for things to cook in it once it arrives.

CatLadyFibers also gave me a great gift of some knitting needles and a Bath and Body Works coupon which I used during the wonderful BBW semi-annual sale.

Not to mention the fact I got a lovely upgraded tree, some great jewelry, new leggings, several video games, including Skyrim and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

I’m very thankful for this holiday season.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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