Twelve-Bells-a-Ringing-Your 12 Best Reads of 2020.

1) Soulswift

Soulswift by [Megan Bannen]

One of the best world building wise and and when it came to character interactions. Soulswift had to make the list.

Amazon: Soulswift


Skyhunter is on the list for the same reason as Soulswift it’s a great thriller with wonderful worldbuilding and great character banter.

Amazon: Skyhunter

3)Finding Perfect

One of the best written portrayals of OCD I’ve seen. Elly Swartz did an excellent job hence why she’s on the list.

Amazon: Finding Perfect

4)On the Edge of Gone

On the Edge of Gone by [Corinne Duyvis]

Important novel about who is worth saving at the end of the world from the perspective of an autistic person. Love seeing autism in print plus this is an important question, hence why it’s on the list.

Amazon: On The Edge Of Gone

5) The Last 8

Are you wondering if I like dystopian novels, well a little, however this is on the list due to its ace representation. The main character Clover is ace.

Amazon: The Last 8

6) Before I Let Go

Another book that is on the list for its ace rep, the main character Corey is ace while several of the other characters are also LGBTQ.

Amazon: Before I Let Go

7) Summer and July

Now that we’ve covered the books that are serious and important for different reason we’ll cover the one’s I just really liked. Summer and July was a sweet story of two girls falling in love, one learning confidence and one letting go of some of her grief. So sweet. Totally one of my favorite of the summer.

Amazon: Summer and July

8) Midsummer’s Mayhem

I just found this book delightful and I’m not even a Shakespeare fan. Maybe it’s because I love the cute baking sub-genre that’s in middle grade books.

Amazon: Midsummer’s Mayhem

9)Measuring Up Book

Another cute cooking/baking sub-genre book that I loved.

10) Unwanted: Dragon Quests

Can I favorite a whole series of books I’m making this list so I’m going to say I can. I really enjoyed the whole series and can’t wait till it wraps up in February. I’ll probably spend January getting back to reviewing it. Anyway it, and the series previous to it are some of my faves so they have to get a shoutout. I’m linking to the first book in the series below.

Amazon: Dragon Captives

11) A Home for Goddesses and Dogs

Just another sweet book about a girl being brought in by her two aunts after her mother has passed and learning open up and make friends.

Amazon: A Home for Goddesses and Dogs

12) Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices

Once Upon an Eid has to claim the last spot it’s the most sweet and joyous book I’ve read in ages.

Amazon: Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices

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