YallFest Day Two

Sorry for the late post on this, I just spent a lot of Saturday going to panels and kind of needed a day to intake all the information I got from those panels, plus I had to get up early for a doctors appointment today. The mysterious illness continues! Yallfest Day Two was great, I plan to put up information for the individual panels like. I got up early for the Breakfast with Ya’llfest which was a lot of fun. I had an especially good time in the Building Tension panel and the Queering Everything panel both of which will be helpful for my own writing personally. I also went to the how do you plan a series panel and the Worldbuilding panel. Finally the Dark Stories Shine bright gave great ideas on how to build villians.

I really can’t wait to share all the information I learned during the writing festival here on the blog!

Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay

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