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YallFest Day Two

Sorry for the late post on this, I just spent a lot of Saturday going to panels and kind of needed a day to intake all the information I got from those panels, plus I had to get up early for a doctors appointment today. The mysterious illness continues! Yallfest Day Two was great, I plan to put up information for the individual panels like. I got up early for the Breakfast with Ya’llfest which was a lot of fun. I had an especially good time in the Building Tension panel and the Queering Everything panel both of which will be helpful for my own writing personally. I also went to the how do you plan a series panel and the Worldbuilding panel. Finally the Dark Stories Shine bright gave great ideas on how to build villians.

I really can’t wait to share all the information I learned during the writing festival here on the blog!

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Ritu Weds Chandni

Ritu Weds Chandni

I got early access to this book through NetGalley yay them!


This book is not only sweet but educational about the situation for queer couples in India. Told from the perspective of one of the bride’s younger relatives. Ayesha is excited to attend her cousin Ritu’s wedding, her cousin is going to lead a ceremony which is traditionally lead by men and not everyone is happy about that.

The ceremony involves the family going through the town riding on a horse to see Ritu’s bride Chandni but when bigots get in the way and seem to ruin the wedding Ayesha starts dancing and reminds them that no matter what happens there is still something to celebrate.

I appreciated the glossary at the end though most could be gleaned from context, as well as the authors note about why he chose to write this story.


This is picture book so it’s pretty short, not much to say other than what I said above other than that the illustration is lovely, the book just feels lively because of the rich colors present in the illustrations. I’d read it again just to look at it, I also loved the stylized illustrations of the horses they rode throughout the book.

Anyway it was a very cute book, totally 5 stars.

Amazon: Ritu Weds Chandni

The book will be released December 1st!

Image by rajesh koiri from Pixabay