Weekly Update

What is this you all? I take a two day break for my health and don’t check the site every day and my numbers shoot up. Is this a watched pot never boils situation. My health isn’t great, we are trying to figure out what is going on but I had some mystery symptoms back when I was in college so it could be more of that or it could be something new, yay chronic illness.

I’ve only really been reading one book this week.

Frozen II Dangerous Secrets

It’s basically the story of how Anna and Elsa’s parents met and it’s super sweet, and gah, love it. You know I love me some Frozen. Hopefully I get back up to speed as I start to feel better this week. Also I’ll be at Ya’llfest today and tomorrow so expect reports on the panels I go to and such.

But overall this hasn’t been the greatest week, I’ve had to go to the doctors A LOT. But Ya’llfest being today and tomorrow makes it better.

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