The Torchbearers

The Torchbearers


I’m really enjoying this book it’s what I believe is the final book in a series of great mysetries and this book promises some of the best mysteries yet.

After the events of Dark Halloween, where the figments got loose and the town actually witnessed them, the tiny town of Timbers is in full blown monster panic. This makes everything just that more difficult for the Torchbearer, Opal, Nico, Tyler, Emma and Logan. Nico is looking into the rift and the natural phenomena it causes. Opal, meanwhile is researching the founding Torchbearer Yvette Dumont. All the while trying to decipher clues from the mysterious Thing in a Jar they met in the last book. Emma’s wildly famous on Youtube, but that hasn’t gained her any followers among the Torcherbears. Logan meanwhile finds out his family history may be way more than he ever expected. Finally Tyler as the self proclaimed Beastmaster tries to communicate and not be killed by the the mercurial and deadly alien sea creature living in Still Cove

But things are not as they seem seem something cryptic has emerged from the dark deep and the five friends suddenly find themselves at odds. When they discover new and shocking secrets will they be able to keep their friendship together as the stakes are higher than ever.

Told from alternating POVs, this thrilling next book from bestselling duo Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs.


Condie and Reichs sure know how to raise the stakes, the end of the world has never been closer for the Torchbearers. Than it has in this book, I also love the strategy they use to fight the final villain and how the conflict eventually brings them together. I love the Knight that they make as a literal symbol. I also love the character of Aster for many reasons one because she’s crafty. She hears the rules the Torchbearers try to give her but always finds ways around them. If there are more books I hope we see more of her.

It was a mystery till the end how they were going to beat the main villain and I love the emotional connection to how they did. Nico’s monsters based in feelings were really powerful emotionally. I also loved the party at the end because it was just cute.

I’d give it a five out of five. Great mystery, good conflict and great pacing.

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