Yallfest (YallWrite)

Are any of ya’ll come to the panels at Yallfest. Usually it’s a book festival held in Charleston SC. But this year due to COVID they are focusing on writing instead. There are so many great writers coming to share their knowledge and they are doing all sorts of contests and author chats leading up to it. It’s going to be the weekend of November 13th through the 14th, but there are some panels on Friday as well.

In their own words with YALLWrite is a craft-themed, online festival for readers, writers, illustrators & storytellers to stay connected and inspired despite our social distance.


They have lots of great panels that can be found here.

The couple that I’m looking most forward to are Fantastic Fantasy and Astonishing Adventure

How do you build a world for middle grade readers, establish magic, and supernatural phenomena, avoid info dumps and engaged middle grade readers with the wildest flights of your imagination? How do you keep your fiction grounded in the emotional reality of being a middle grade person, when you’re casting them far from the reality they know? Basically, how do you make stuff up and make it feel real?

Moderated by Soman Chainani with John August, Sayantani DasGupta, Kwame Mbalia and Claribel A. Ortega

The Story Corpse


One because V.E SCHWAB! And two because the description sounds amazing This class will look at drafting as the construction of a body, from the bones of plot, to character muscle, to the flesh of prose. Attendees will hopefully leave feeling more ready to conquer the always strange and sometimes overwhelming necromancy of bringing a book to life.

Seriously theses are just a few of the panels that are available, you all should really go register.

This post was not sponsored by YallWrite just an excited fan looking forward to meeting people.

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