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I’ve always wanted to make more time for indigenous voices on this blog but didn’t want my effort to feel like a throwaway. I finally found something I really like and I think will help me include indigenous content more. I’m doing #IndigAThon. IndigAThon will run from November 1 to November 30 to coincide with Native American Heritage Month!

The goal is to read from Indigenous authors all across the Americas. More information can be found on their twitter @IndigAThon. While I’m going to try to do most of the prompts I’m here to tell you now I’m really not a buddy or group reader so I might just put extra book or two on for that. I’ve already found a couple of ideas for non book media so I’m looking forward to that.

A white bingo board with a yellow border on a red and turquoise background: IndigAThon 2020: Intersectionality, New To You, Other Than 5CT, Middle Grade, Free Space, Buddy Read, Other Than US, Group Book, Non-Bookish Media.

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I'm a reader and reviewer. I focus mostly on children's books, middle grade, and young adult fiction. My favorite genre to read is fantasy. I'm also especially interested in how disability is portrayed within said media.

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