The Tarot Tag

I wanted to do a tag for Halloween but I couldn’t think of anything then my mind fell back to something I love to do daily, tarot.

1.) The Fool: What book/series did you fall into without thinking about it?

Keeper of The Lost Cities. I was on Book 6 without even realizing I’d finished the first 5.

2)The High Priestess: Which feminine character would you like to be like/or respect?

I really like Cassidy Blake from V.E. Schwab’s Cassidy Blake books

3)Suit of Wands: If you could live in any fictional book world which would you pick?

Okay stay with me here, but I love the Small Spaces world. I’m not sure I’m smart enough to face the Smiling Man. I also love the Darkdeep world again not the most pleasant answer. Maybe I like puzzles?

4) Suit of Cups: If you could have a bookish wedding what series would inspire it?

This one is easy, it would either be Sailor Moon, because manga counts as books, or some version of Arendelle.

5)Suit of Swords: Is there any bookish conflict you wish you could take part in?

I’d want to join the conflicts in Keeper of Lost Cities or The Unwanteds/Unwanted Quest conflicts

6)Suit of Pentacles: You have endless book money, what’s the first book you buy?

Probably a fancy book with tarot deck.

7) Divination: If you could have any future book what would it be?

Tie between the ninth Keeper of the Lost Cities Book, and several ARC on NetGalley.


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