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Weekly Update 10/17

I’ve been a little slow when it came to reading this week I only finished two books plus a picture book this week, still it brings my monthly total up to 8 so I’m pretty happy. It will be awhile before one of the review is up because I’m reviewing this series which is the spin-off of another series so I’m reviewing the original series first. The second review should already be up by the time this is posted.

Dragon Ghosts

Three Keys (A Front Desk Novel) 

The Name Jar

Sorry this post is up late, I think I have a cold and/or ear infection so I don’t feel super well. Going to try to keep the reviews going for Blogtober though! I’m also happy because I’m adding to my totally for Year of the Asian Readathon, I’m getting closer to hitting my goal and might even surpass it woohoo! Yay for reading goals this year and smashing them.

Image by Edinaldo Maciel edy boy from Pixabay

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