The Real Neat Blog Award

I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by Helen at Helen’s Crispy Confessions. You should totally check out their blog which has everything from book reviews to lifestyle posts as well as important information about what it’s like to be multiracial in America today.


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My Answers to the Seven Questions

  1. What is one thing you’ve struggled with the most in your life?

The thing I’ve most struggled with in my life is finding and naming all my mental health conditions. I didn’t realize I was autistic until my mid-twenties. I did realize I was schizophrenic till my late twenties. Even the conditions I knew about when I was younger, managing them and finding people who accept me and don’t worry about my conditions has been the biggest issue I’ve dealt with.

Also see: Mental Health TBR

2. What was your favorite part of your childhood?

Probably just the general culture of the 90’s. Some of it was very toxic and I’m glad we’ve moved beyond it. However I miss the music, and the entertainment.

3. Think of one bad habit you’ve been able to break. Tell me how you broke that bad habit.

Honestly I don’t really believe in bad habits save things that are truly hurting your health. The idea kinda breeds guilt which isn’t good for anyone. However I have gotten back into focusing more on my blog after not focusing on it this summer, but as I’ve mentioned here I was helping with my family this summer. One habit I’d like to be able to change is getting back to working on my fiction writing and to break that I’ll just have to find space to work that in m

4. What makes the struggle of blogging worth it to you?

Honestly blogging is fun, I’d do the blogging even if no one read it. I like writing and I need an outlet, yeah it can be hard to keep up at times and I’m working to be better about community engagement and things like SEO. If people enjoy seeing my blog I’m really glad but honestly I blog for me first.

After that I’m blogging to make sure underserved/diverse and OwnVoices get heard. It’s my job as as a white person to signal boost people of color. Even though I’m also queer and disabled I want to boost those voices as well.

5. When did you decide that you wanted to start a blog?

Honestly it was going to be an extension of my Instagram which you can find at Plaid_Reader

6. If you could meet yourself ten years from now, what questions would you ask yourself?

Well I just hit 30 a few weeks ago so in 10 years I’ll be 40. I’d have some serious questions for my future self given current circumstances. Such as:

How’s the whole COVID thing working out?

Whose the President?

Did we ever get disability?

Now assuming I had time for not so serious questions I’d ask for book spoilers. Oh and can future me give me books from ten years from now?

7. Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type? If so, what is it?

No, but I should probably take the test.

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