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Weekly Review October 10th

So I’ve been productive I’ve read 4 books this week so I’m already way ahead for the month!


Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests Book 1)

Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests Book 1) by [Lisa McMann]

Boy-Crazy Stacey

Scritch Scratch

Dragon Bones (The Unwanteds Quests Book 2)

Dragon Bones (The Unwanteds Quests Book 2) by [Lisa McMann]


While I’m having a blast with DragonAge, I just hit level 18 and am probably somewhere in the mid 20% in game wise. Story wise I just finished Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, I’m also just now getting into the pumpkin stuff on Animal Crossing. I know I’m super late to the party. But I’ve been dealing with family things.


My family who was in the hospital all summer is now out and doing better, they’ll have to go through a little therapy but it turned out to be a much better situation than we could have ever hoped for so I’m over the moon about it. I will hopefully get to see them in person next week, we both see no one really so COVID shouldn’t be an issue.

Hope everyone had a great week! I look forward to reading more next week and finally seeing my friend!

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