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I’m not sure if anyone uses this challenge anymore but I never finished it when I did it in previous years so I want to try it again. It’s originally from JennieLy who I’m not sure is blogging anymore but I know is on Twitter an has a graphic design business going. You should totally check them out they did the header for the website and I’m sure they have improved since then. Anyway I wanted something so I could focus on posting more during October especially since I missed out so much in the summer.

Blogtober Post Ideas

I missed the first couple of days but I’m going to try and be consistent from here on, I may modify the prompts a bit, but you’re welcome to join me. I want to end the year strong with my blog numbers so the more posts I can get the better.

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I'm a reader and reviewer. I focus mostly on children's books, middle grade, and young adult fiction. My favorite genre to read is fantasy. I'm also especially interested in how disability is portrayed within said media.

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