October Goals

1) Start reading Unwanteds Quest books

I re-read the The Unwanteds Series in September (I originally read it back in 2018) so I could read these books which are sequels that take place 10ish years later. Glad I did a re-read because I forgot a ton of stuff.

2) Get to 30% on Dragon Age Inquisition

I’ve been playing the game daily and I’m at 21% which I’m pretty happy with since it’s such a big RPG. But over the next month I’d like to get closer to 30% and try to get towards to middle of the game.

3) Hit my reading goal for the year.

I’m three books away so this shouldn’t take too long.

4) Get back into doing weekly reviews

I miss them, and I’m back into a regular routine after my care giving job over the end of the summer. So I’m excited to get back to that.

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