September Wrapup

So I did a lot of things in September, a lot of that wasn’t related to books, so my blog number were, down a little bit. I think they’ll pick back up now that my care giving job is sort of over, and my friend is due to be out of the hospital soon. Not related to the blog but it will make me a happier person and happier people blog more. Or at least this one does.

I gamed a lot this month, tons of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Paid for the blog and the domain for another year, and got a nifty little Jetpack add on so you can keyword search the blog now. The day this is posted will also be my 30th birthday. So lets see how I did on what I set out to do.

1) Read my normal 4 books a books, but try a push it to a few more.

I read 7 book so I think this one is good.

2) More social engagement but how?

I’m still failing here but I was super busy with care-giving this moth, so I’m going to give myself a pass. I’m going to try to get back into interactions via Instagram next month and work from there.

3) Prepare for some spooky stuff in October, maybe Blogtober again?

Doesn’t look like there is any fresh content for Blogtober but I’m going to use some of the older stuff to make sure the blog feels fallish.

4) Try to take more photos for the blog.

This didn’t happen mostly because I wasn’t around the materials for it. But since I’m home now I think I’ll at least be able to start doing IG post which will show up hopefully on the reviews and the blog.

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