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Karen’s Roller Skates (Baby-sitters Little Sister)

These graphic novels are targeted at a somewhat younger audience than the main reboot of graphic novels for the Babysitter’s Club. These are more lower elementary school issues while the Baby Sitters Club main graphic novels deal with middle school problems, still both sets of books have engaging plots that even adults can appreciate.

Karen’s Roller Skates (Baby-sitters Little Sister)


Karen is Kristy from the Babysitter’s Club’s stepsister. Sometimes she lives with her mother and sometimes she lives with her father where Kristy and her family also live, she and her brother go back and forth. On the weekend the story occurs the two siblings are at their father (Watson’s) house.

Karen is excited for the weekend, she has new roller skates and she’s a great skater. She’s also looking forward to trying some new tricks. But, oh no! Karen falls down and breaks her wrist, she has to go the hospital. Its scary, and she doesn’t like all the new things she has to deal with like getting a cast.

However once she gets home she does like being taken care of, however this doesn’t last long and the annoyances of broken wrist out way the perks. She has to go back to the hospital every two weeks to get a cast and she can’t roller skate while her wrist is broken.

What’s more she meets one of her classmates at a visit to the hospital who has the same doctor. He claims he’s going to get a famous sports stars signature on his cast. Now Karen has a mission, she’s going to get every one she knows plus someone famous and beat out classmate and she wont stop until the job is done.


This a cute graphic novel great for kids and middle grade readers. Karen is a smart and funny protagonist and the adventure she goes on is relatable to something kids might go through. I also love how Karen’s story of how she broke her arm gets more elaborate throughout the book.

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