September Goals

1) Read my normal 4 books a books, but try a push it to a few more.

I’m lagging a bit behind for my yearly goal so I’d like to push myself a bit to try to get ahead.

2) More social engagement but how?

This seems to be a goal that I always fail at so I’m going to try and give myself a concrete goal like 3 posts on Twitter a week plus general engagement on the platform. Or three posts on Instagram a week, along with complimenting others post. If I do either of those things I’d consider it a win. I’d love both, but we’ll see how busy I get.

3) Prepare for some spooky stuff in October, maybe Blogtober again?

For me the spooky season starts in September, so I’m going to try to ease into my spooky stuff this month. But I’d really like to do some sort of organized blog thing because I haven’t done one of those in awhile.

4) Try to take more photos for the blog.

I’ve used a lot of stock photos which I’m very thankful to have, but I want to go back to taking photos since my blog initially started from my Instagram account.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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