August Monthly Wrapup

Let’s see how I’ve done this month considering my initial goals.

1.Read a book this month.

As the final week of August ends I ended up with 6 books for the month. I feel like I’m back in my game. My family is finally doing better and while not completely out of the water, things have fallen into sort of a new normal.

2.Plan out post for August.

I planned out the last two weeks of August in advance. I’ve also planned out the first three weeks of September, so I’m ahead there. Perhaps that will give me time to work one reading more.

3. Try and work on my NetGalley Books

Okay, so I did go on NetGalley, to REQUEST more books. That request button should be illegal if you’re below a certain percent. I’ll probably never get my percentages above 20% something but I’ll try to actually improve them next month.

4. And forever my goal, more social interaction

Yeah, no this didn’t happen, getting back to blogging was a win. Let call this a goal for next month.

Photo by Corey Agopian on Unsplash

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