September MG Releases

Fly on the Wall

Henry Khoo is tired of his family treating him like a baby. He’s not allowed to go anywhere without his, sister/bodyguard. And he surely CAN’T take a journey halfway around the world all by himself.

Except he decides he’s doing just that after his family’s annual trip to visit his father in Singapore is cancelled. Henry doesn’t want to be cooped up with his family who won’t let him do anything and his former best friend forever turned Not Best Friend Forever.

Plus he’s got a secret he can’t let get out, a secret that his life will be over if he’s caught. He’s the creator of an anonymous gossip cartoon and he’s on the verge of getting caught.

Wanting to prove his indepence and avoid punishment for his crimes Henry embarks on the greatest adventure ever. Hopefully it won’t turn into the greatest disaster ever.

Release Date: September 15th 2020

Amazon: Fly on the Wall

Three Keys (A Front Desk Novel)

Front Desk was one of my favorite stories of 2018 so I honestly have been waiting for this book since I heard it was announced.

Mia Tang thinks she’s going to have the best year ever, after all the trouble of the past she and her parents are finally the proud owners of Calivista Motel. Mia even gets to run the front desk with her best friend Lupe. What’s more she’s finally getting somewhere with her writing.

However she hasn’t seen what sixth grade has to throw at her.

  1. Mia’s new teacher doesn’t think her writing is all that great. And her whole class finds out she lives in a motel.
  2. Speaking of the motel it’s struggling and Mia has to answer to the Calvista’s many many worried investors.
  3. If that weren’t enough there is a new immigration law looming and if it passes it will threaten everything and everyone in Mia’s life.

This year may have new challenges to throw at her but if anyone has the key to handling these ups and downs it’s Mia Tang!

Release Date: September 15th 2020

Amazon: The Three Keys

When Life Gives You Mangos

Twelve year old Clara doesn’t know why vistitors call her island home exotic. There is nothing exotic about to her. She doesn’t see what the big deal is about eating ripe mangos off the ground, and running outside in the rain with her Papa during the rainy season. She also loves going to her secret hideout with Gaynah-even though lately Gaynah isn’t acting much like a best friend.

Clara only has one thing that is really out of the ordinary for her. Something has happened to her memory that made her forget everything that happened last summer after a hurricane hit.

Occasionally she has flashbacks, other times her Mama fills in the blanks, she only knows those aren’t her memories and it’s hard being different from everyone else. But Clara knows this summer is going to be different for her, the village is buzzing with excitement with a new girl who is not like other visitors. Clara doesn’t know it yet but this girl is going to make waves and give Clara a summer she won’t forget!

Release Date: September 15th 2020

Amazon: When Life Gives You Mangos

The Torchbearers

I’ve been very much looking forward to this one. I finished the first two in the series in probably two weeks, so I’m looking forward to see where the series is going.

After the Dark Halloween in the last book, the town of Timber is having a full blown monster panic! This is making life very difficult for the Torchbearers—Opal, Nico, Tyler Emma and Logan.

While they are all part of the group they each have their own tasks at hand. Nico is investigating the mysterious Rift and the strange natural phenomena that occur as a result of it, all while juggling worries about his dad’s potential work transfer.

Opal meanwhile has her hands full researching the founding Torchbearer Yvette Dumont and deciphering clues from another realm sent by the mysterious Thing in a Jar.

Emma meanwhile has started a wildly popular Youtube show that has brought her new found fame, but has also earned her some enemies. Logan is busy trying to unlock secrets of his own family history and what role it might have played in founding Torchbearer Order

Finally Tyler the self-proclaimed Beastmaster strives to find a way to communicate and not be eaten by the mercurial and deadly alien sea creature living in Still Cove.

But if their not bust enough something cryptic has surfaced in the Darkdeep and Questions arise and the friends find themselves at odds.

Then there is the enigmatic new girl who is new in town and has an agenda of her own. As the five friends discover shocking secrets about the Torchbearers, their houseboat houseboat hangout, the Rift, and the Darkdeep itself.

But as signs point to realms beyond the ones they know, their friendships are put to the test, are their bonds strong enough to hold up against this new threat.

Amazon: The Torchbearers

Release Date: September 29, 2020

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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