August Monthly Goals

Hi everyone, July was a different kind of month for the blog. I put family first and with that some of my metrics fell by the wayside. Still, it seems like summer has just been a slow time for blogging. Maybe it’s me, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump. So we are going back to super basics as we head into my favorite season where I know content production won’t be a problem.

1.Read a book this month.

I barely read anything that wasn’t just my old favorites in June and July, and since I’d still like to hit my reading goals I need to get cracking. I have it so the two months where I really didn’t read haven’t effected me that much, but I’d still like to be more ahead than I am,

2.Plan out post for August.

As well as continuing with our Princess Reads I’m going to re-read the Lumberjanes, a series set in Summer to kind of round out my summer content, do backlog reviews and get some books read as well, win, win and win!

3. Try and work on my NetGalley Books

Yeah my percentage is dismal and I’d like to work on that, so on to the requesting things and actually reading them.

4. And forever my goal, more social interaction

I think I might try to find a readathon or something to help get traffic up.

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