June Monthly Wrapup

So I didn’t read much in June I’ve been focusing on baking a lot this month, and lets be real, Animal Crossing. So reading kind of fell by the wayside a bit however I intend to make July my best month yet. I have to point out however that June in reading terms was not very productive.

Now that we went over how I did in May we can see what to shoot for in June.

1. Get those stats back up!

Somehow my stats were even worse than in May. I think it’s that old blogger adage about posting too many reviews. I’m going to try to switch things up this coming month and do more book tags, more of the fairy tale stuff that got put on the back burner and more Pokemon fun!

2) Try to get 5-10 new followers

Managed to accomplish this one!

3) Interact more on social media

I think I’m gradually getting better with this one as I find the social media space where I fit.

4) Keep posting a couple posts a day.

I’ve kinda fallen behinds but I got ahead for awhile so now I’m going to try to get ahead for July

5) Try and get 500+ plus words on my novels. 

Trying to dive deep since I’m hitting to middle of the novel and motivation is tougher to come by.

6) Read at least 4 books a month. 

Okay so it’s not that I didn’t read, I just re-read old favorites I’ve read a zillion times and I’m not counting that on my reading tracker. The one new book I am working on is Verify by Joelle Charbonneau

So here is to hoping July is more productive reading and writing as well as baking wise.

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