Weekly Loaf

This week was pretty calm I’ve been mostly tired. I baked in the middle of the week and that tired me out.


I have a lot that I need to be reading but after finishing nine books last month I think my brain just needed a break and is busy making its way through old favorite such as

Flashback by Shannon Messenger

The only new thing I’m reading is Verify by Joelle Charbonneau since I’ve appreciated previous work from her, it’s a cool dystopian thriller. I’m really enjoying it.


I mentioned I made bread during the week, here are the photos from my second ever attempt.

Here is the bread at the start just the water and yeast.

Next once the dough has been created

Time for a rise

Just before the oven

Finally done

It was lovely to eat too. Hope you guys are having a good end of June I’ll try and be back next week with more exciting news lol.

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